ESG Mission Statement

Phononic Vibes is committed to work responsibly, operating business with integrity, supporting environmental responsibility,
and building a diverse and inclusive workplace where employees can thrive.
Noise is present in our everyday life and can seriously impact our health and living environment, Phononic Vibes believes in contributing to a
successful future – for the employees and communities and industry.
The Company defines Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria as a set of standards for growth.

Phononic Vibes has 50% gender balance within the Team and 50% PhDs.
The multiculturality is a value represented by 3 Nationalities, France, Italy and Germany.



Improving people’s lives is definitively connected to technology, but also to sustainability. Phononic Vibes chooses recycle and CO2 reduction.



The wellness impact of noise pollution is crucial. Phononic Vibes considers the opinion of potential end-users in the design and functionality of our products.



Financial and accounting transparency and full and honest. Phononic Vibes chooses to be transparent!